Providing exemplary service and professional style putting greens, bocce courts and a long list of artificial turf applications. Affiliations with many top long Island nurseries like, Hicks, Dodds and Eder, Martin Viette, Ireland-Gannon and The Laurel group make us the only company you’ll need for any landscape projects. Backed by X-Grass the national company, The Putting Green Company of Long Island has over 30 years of experience and satisfied customers.

“Real people who take deep pride in everything they do.”



The majority of our putting green projects are built for short game practice, including bunker shots and short wedge play.  Knowing the elements that make a short game practice area functional and challenging, combined with the ability to create realistic surfaces is what sets us apart from other companies. And, we work closely with our Certified Installers to ensure the quality of their work is consistent with our own.

Many current PGA and Senior Tour players have synthetic golf greens at their homes today.  Why?  Well, they know that putting and short game proficiency can mean the difference in winning (or making the cut) every week.  And our low-maintenance, realistic synthetic turf surface provides them with the feedback needed to practice and improve their short game.

Here’s what they have to say:

rich beenThe look and performance is so remarkably realistic, it can surprise even professional golfers.

“This green is even better than I had imagined. My practice green is much more impressive than the green I had at my previous home in Las Cruces; which was made by another company.”

Rich Beem
PGA Golf Professional

fred couplesFred Couples is proof that practice can indeed make perfect, and his Putting Green Company® putting green allows him to practice in the perfect setting — his very own backyard. Thanks to The Putting Green Company, Fred can enjoy the game he loves with those he loves most.

“My putting green helps me improve my short game yet it’s also fun for our entire family, and it looks great in our yard.”

Fred Couples
PGA Masters Champion

steve fleschSteve Flesch has played on some of the finest courses throughout the world. When you’ve played on the best, you expect nothing less for yourself. To mimic the quality of PGA courses isn’t easy, but our installation experts have it down to an exact science.

“tour quality putting surface in my own backyard.”

Steve Flesch
PGA Rookie of the Year, 1998



bruce lietzkeA Putting Green Company® golf green is truly a thing of beauty. Its lush, green appearance is beyond impressive, but what’s most amazing is the way the ball rolls on it. That was a key factor in Bruce Lietzke’s decision to install a Putting Green Company golf green in his own backyard.

“it not only accepts shots and spins them, but it looks great and is easy to maintain.”

Bruce Lietzke
PGA Golf Professional




“I play most of my golf out of East Lake Country Club. The course is always in perfect shape. I wanted a real green at my home to be able to practice without going to the club. I consulted with the Head Greens Superintendent and he stopped me mid-sentence. He said for me to call your company and to trust him, I did not want a real green. I am very pleased to say they have given me exactly what I was looking for without all the hassle of a real green. I never thought it was possible to duplicate the speed and true roll with a synthetic material. My wife wants you to do the entire yard it looks so good! Thanks for all your hard work. ”

EVP at Fortune 1000 company and defending East Lake Country Club champion