Golf Greens

Synthetic Grass Golf Greens

Whether you are thinking about installing a practice green in your backyard or designing a putting green for a resort, we can help.  As one of the oldest and largest designers and installers of golf greens in the industry, we  can work with you to design a solution for your particular application, environment, and budget.

short game green Short Game Green

Our signature product is our proprietary Short Game Green that simulates the look, feel and performance of a natural grass golf green.  Short Game Greens utilize an innovative synthetic turf made with fibrillated polypropylene fibers and our proprietary RQS™ Infill System to bring the look and feel of a PGA golf course to your backyard, practice facility, or resort.

 outdoor putting green Putting Greens

While our Short Game Greens are the ideal solution for practicing putting, chipping, and approach shots, other solutions are available for applications that simply require a putting surface.  The most common solution for those who just want a putting green is dense nylon synthetic turf that requires less than half of the infill of our short game greens.  The RQS Infill System helps the green achieve a soft roll while giving the weight needed to withstand outdoor elements.  Greens can also be installed over a concrete base.

portable putting greenPortable Putting Greens

From basements and balconies to patios and promotional events, our line of portable putting greens are ideal for serious practice or serious fun.