Outdoor Putting Greens

The Putting Green Company’s synthetic outdoor putting greens are similar to our Short Game Greens, but are utilized in areas where space does not accommodate inbound wedge and iron shots or the application does not require it.  Putting greens are designed specifically for putting practice and simulate the look, feel and performance of a  natural grass putting green.  Balls roll true and at an even pace in fast or slow stimp speeds.

“The Putting Green Systems”

Outdoor putting greens are constructed using two different systems.  The first system is very similar to the Short Game Green.  It employs the same multi-layer base, but utilizes a dense nylon turf instead of the polypropylene turf and only requires about half as much of a different type of infill system. The dense nylon turf is held in place with approximately 3 pounds of infill per square foot so these greens remain superior to most artificial putting greens.

The second system features a concrete base along with nylon synthetic turf products that are affixed to the concrete with an adhesive.

Nylon Putting Green Over Compacted Stone

Nylon Putting Green Over Concrete

 nylon putting green over aggregate nylon putting green over concrete

Installation & Maintenance

The installation of putting greens and our short game green is very similar.  For the Nylon over Compacted Stone System, the only major difference is related to the amount of infill that must be brushed into the green.  The denser turf and smaller amount of infill also means that the green does not need to be rolled as frequently to keep its speeds high.  For the Nylon over Concrete Base System, installation is even easier as the turf is glued to the base and no infill is used.