Synthetic Lawns & Artificial Grass

The maintenance free characteristics of our synthetic putting greens have motivated many of our customers to inquire about using synthetic grass in others areas.  The thought of transforming a yard which is all about maintenance and expense into a center of pleasure is intriguing.

Why not just replace all grass with artificial turf?

The reality is that many people do.  In fact, it is common in areas of the world where the climate is more conducive to cacti than grass. In these places, synthetic grass provides a perpetual, perfectly green and healthy-looking lawn ideal for the family’s recreation and enjoyment. Plus, homeowners with synthetic lawns actually show proper respect for the preciousness of water and they don’t get sand tracked into their houses.

In a world where we’re accustomed to thinking of “natural” as good and “artificial” as bad, we’re suggesting another mindset. That a lawn is an ecologically unsound concept – it uses up lots of water, requires destructive chemicals to keep its “healthy” look and is typically maintained by energy-consuming, air-polluting lawn mowers and equipment.

So if you are one of the people that has decided that maintaining a lawn is just too much of a personal pain, consider a synthetic lawn.  In some arid regions, there are tax advantages offered for this and you’ll save on every mowing, aeration, fertilization, overseeding, insecticide and weedkiller application that you don’t do. For these reasons, we are even seeing the development of full golf courses made of artificial turf.

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